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Xhorse XDNP11 Soldering-Free Adapter for BMW CAS3 CAS3+

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19552 Weight:0.1Kg

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Product Specification
Manufacturer Xhorse VVDI
Warranty 1 year
Weight 0.1 Kg
Xhorse XDNP11 Soldering-Free Adapter for BMW CAS3 CAS3+
  1. Xhorse XDNP11 CAS3 / CAS3+ Solder Free Adapter for BMW.
  2. Work with MINI PROG, KeyTool Plus and VVDI Prog. For VVDI Prog you need use with DB15 DB25 cable.
Xhorse XDNP11 CAS3/CAS3+ Solder-Free Adapter for BMW work with MINI PROG/KeyTool Plus/VVDI Prog

Xhorse XDNP11GL is used to do CAS3 / CAS3+ units for BMW with solder-free adapter. It is a perfect choice for users who have a job that is 50-70 miles away from a rework station.
Compatible with:
VVDI Key Tool Plus
VVDI Prog + DB15-DB25 Cable
Here is the DB15-DB25 Cable + VVDI Prog+ CAS3 XDNP11 Connection Diagram:

XDNP11 CAS3/CAS3+ Solder-free Adapter Reviews

Review 1:
Done many Cas3 units with solderless adapter and no problems at all. You have to take your time cleaning and preparing all points on the unit (around 5 minutes). Sometimes its tricky to connect adapter properly but definitely worth it.

Review 2:
I just used mine on cas3++ it worked, but it took a lot of adjusting and cleaning to get the connection. next time ill have to do some deep cleaning first

Review 3
The regular solder cable could be easist and no risk, but now when you have a job that's 50-70 miles away from a rework station the adapters come in handy

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